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Ernie Smith
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Rosemary Gillis (times five!)
Nancy Bepple (times 3.5!)
Sarah Weaver-Kipp
David and Paulette Hagel
J. Molly Bell
Joyce Henderson
Cathryn Rankin
Don Derby and Cindy Derkaz (times two!)
Terry Hall
Dave Cornish
Victoria Simpson
Doug Leitch (times three!)
Inge Hohndorf
Rich and Janet Thorne (times 5.5!!)
Charles and Judy Smith
Darlene McBain and Kris Jensen
Horace Olecko
Patricia Williamson
Kevan Darby and Renee’ Olsen
Blake Frisby (times two!)
Sherry and Gary Kalloch
David Askew
Harvey and Betty Gee (times 1.5)

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