Smart Growth

Smart Growth versus Dumb Growth

Smart Growth

Over the past five years, most of the issues that SEAS has dealt with and continues to deal with involve opposing inappropriate development on or near the foreshore of Shuswap Lake. If the principals of Smart Growth were applied, none of these proposals would see the light of day. 

Smart Growth is a collection of land use and development principles that aim to enhance our quality of life, preserve the natural environment, and save money over time. Smart growth principles ensure that growth is fiscally, environmentally and socially responsible and recognizes the connections between development and quality of life. Smart growth enhances and completes communities by placing priority on infill, redevelopment, and densification strategies. Learn more at:

A smart growth plan for Salmon Arm was has been developed through the collaborative efforts of SmartGrowth BC, CASSSA and many other groups and individuals. This plan can be found at the above website.

Dumb Growth

A number of major developments are still in the proposal stage that could be characterized as "dumb growth." These developments include:

1. A big-box shopping centre proposed to be built on the sensitive Salmon River floodplain, 3 km from the Salmon Arm city centre. To learn more about this development and the efforts underway to oppose the re-zoning and Official Community Plan changes by the city, see the following websites and documents:

Wetland Alliance – The Ecological Response (WA:TER), 
Committee for a Strong Sustainable Salmon Arm (CASSSA),


Swimming upstream against development – an article by Jim Cooperman about the successful campaign to halt re-zoning for a big-box development in 2008. (doc file)

Big-boxing in Salmon Arm – an article by Don Sawyer that summarizes that status of the campaign from the web-journal,

2. A mixed RV, condo and townhouse development planned near the mouth of the Adams River. SEAS, along with other organizations were successful with the campaign to halt re-zoning. Unfortunately, the developer is carrying on with his West Beach development using the existing zoning. Nonetheless, efforts continue to oppose this development and construction is currently on hold.


Construction halted at West Beach – an article from the Shuswap Market News. (doc file)
Region unanimous in rejecting proposed marina – articles about the successful campaign for the Adams River. (doc file)

3. Other foreshore developments are planned or have been built adjacent to the foreshore of Mara Lake

Massive marina and vacation home developments threaten Shuswap and Mara Lakes – a SEAS informational flyer. (doc file)

Dumb Growth, Battle against the bulldozer – a Watershed Sentinel article about proposed Shuswap and Mara Lake foreshore developments. (pdf file)